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Mixed Martial Arts : On Shoot Wrestling KickBoxing Israeli Krav Maga & Martial arts Mumbai India

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Lee first advocated that combat in various ranges be clubbed. One must Punch, Kick, Trap, Wrestle, Lock, Throw & fight on the ground, combining all techniques from various martial art ranges.
Today, Plenty of newer martial arts are emerging, which combine arts of different ranges like combinations of kickboxing & submission wrestling. Israeli Krav Maga, is another art which combines striking arts with grappling. Also Shoot wrestling, the real version of WWF fighting is another similar art.
In Modern times, These arts are classified as as 'Mixed Martial Arts'
We teach MMA [Mixed Martial Arts] but not as a sport, but as a combat art. We also incorporate unarmed combat skills & tactics from Military Martial arts, taught to students for self defense. SAFETY IS OUR FIRST CONCERN & students are put through FOLLOWING stages of Learning under the instructors supervison.
Techniques perfected in air. 
Techniques used on Striking Equipment like Punching Bags, Mitts, Wooden dummy, etc   to develop power, speed & coordination
Techniques tried on cooperative partners
Sparring with partners with protective gear
Sparring with Non cooperative partners with light contact.
Full Contact Fighting
If you are interested in MMA or Military Martial Arts or other Martial close combat arts, do get in touch with us. 
Even if you have never undergone any previous physical training (like gym) or are unfit, we will help you to change your body & teach u contact fighting.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is the combat sport in which two fighers attempt to achieve dominance over one another by utilizing three types of tactics: striking, finishing holds, and control.

The rules allow the fighers to use a variety of martial arts techniques, including punches, kicks, joint-locks, chokes, takedowns and throws. Victory is normally gained through knock-out, submission (one fighter gives up by tapping the mat or his opponent with his hand), or stoppage by the referee or doctor.MMA is also called NHB (No Holds Barred).

MMA is used to describe any hybrid style of martial arts which incorporate techniques from several different martial arts. The main goal of MMA is to provide a realistic, few rules full contact fight sport.

Common rules

Ways to victory

    • Knock Out
    • Submission (A fighter taps either his opponent or the mat three times.)
    • Technical Knockout
      • Referee Stoppage (If the referee sees that one fighter is endangering his opponent, the referee will stop the match.)
      • Doctor Stoppage (If a fighter is injured and cannot continue the match, his opponent will be declared  winner. The ring doctor will be the one to determine whether the fighter can continue or not.)
      • Decision (If the match goes the distance, then the outcome of the bout is determined by the three judges)
      • Disqualification (A "warning" will be given when a fighter commits an illegal action. Three warnings will result in a disqualification.)

Weight categories

We donot conduct fights in weight categories or gender categories, but in OPEN Category. As on the street there are no weight categories.

  • Fouls Everything is allowed except the below which are to be only done 'representative' withpout actual contact.
    • No eye gouging. 
    • No strikes to, or grabs of the trachea or back of head.
    • Any crippling killing strikes or holds

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A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ...  - Confucius
Begin your Journey today!
Enrollment Information:
Group sessions in Backyard Class
One on One Private Coaching
Workshops & Camps
We offer Action Choreography
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  • HQ - ANDHERI (W)
  • THANE (Ghodbunder Road)
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Special features of JKD training at UCCA


# JKD Ideology Training is imparted at mutually convenient timings and locations by prior appointment.

# Entry is by careful scrutiny & selection to exclude low socio economic, uneducated, anti social elements & those with criminal records.

# One to two hour sessions are planned, depending on the current level of expertise. Training 6 am to 8 pm, Weekdays as well as Weekends batches. 

# Total Course duration is 55 hours, which can be completed at your own pace & leisure.

# For Enrollment, Give us a call, schedule an appointment & meet with us, so as to understand our offered modules & to let us understand ur needs.


# Training includes:


1. Technical Combat Training

2. Equipment Training.

3. Sparring (Fighting) Full contact (Seniors)

4. Weapons Training.

5. Mental Training to optimize utilization of Intellectual facilities.

6.  Cultivation of Philosophical attitudes.

7. A No Nonsense & Logical approach to Lifes problem solving

8. Spirituality via Zen, Taoism & Buddhism

9. Meditation, Positive Visualization & Hypnotic Suggestions for Controlling Fear Response.

10. Diet Principles to gain & lose weight,

11. Nutrition Study to improve Performance

12. Physical Fitness Training .

13. Weight Training for Body Shaping.

14.  Cardio Training for Stamina development.

15. Study of Human Body Anatomy & Physiology.

16. Workbooks & Home Study Projects.

17. Media Learning via Audio-Video Tapes & DVDs / CDs

18. Thesis Compilations

19. Pressure Points & Vital Target Study

20. Group Discussions, Leadership Qualities.

21. Study of Applicable Civil Laws & Police Procedures.

22. Counselling & Psychotherapy for Self Esteem & Positive Self Image.

23. Applications of Jeet Kune Do to Anything & Everything

24. Street Combat

25. Many Newer Subjects are added time to time.

We are affiliated to:
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Unarmed Commando Combat Academy Civil Chapter

(Where every thought is followed by its appropiate action, without the doubting mind)



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Bottom Note:


The Philosophy of Jeet Kune Do Ideology, Mumbai



 The Jeet Kune Do Ideology Mumbai is inspired by fighting principles of the legendary Lee & Sun Tzus art of War.


This Jeet Kune Do ideology will help the Mumbai based martial Arts seeker and practitioner to find his destination. The destination can vary from physical prowess in the ring to combat & martial art skills to mental balance and eventually to spiritual development.


Jeet Kune Do is a journey and represents each mans search for truth both in the Martial arts and in life.  Lee has said that  via Jeet Kune Do Life opens its avenues to us.


Lee  founded Jeet Kune Do, but wished he did not have a name for it. Lee  fans and martial arts enthusiasts all over the world have elevated the word Jeet Kune Do to its present spectacular status.


The martial arts seekers and Lee fans in Mumbai can avail of these benefits from the Jeet Kune Do Ideology.


Those outside Mumbai, in and around India can also approach us for guidance in their Jeet Kune Do journey. If you are prepared to travel to Mumbai, we will help you with your martial arts evolution. 

Knowing is not enough, We must apply.
Willing is not enough, We must do.
 - Lee
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