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An Approach to Combat & Life !




IMB affiliate under Richard Bustillo

Orginal Student of Bruce Lee

Call Dr. Komal (91) 98204  96752   or   99690 22229  Mumbai, Thane 



Iron Dragon Awards JKD Medal of Honor
to Dr. Raos for contributing to spread of JKD

Dr. Raos with Iron Dragon
Directors JKD Ideology Asia

The Iron Dragon conferred the 2007 JKD-IMB Medal of Honor to the Rao couple for their contribution in preserving the art of Jeet Kune Do.

'The rigid & unbending is the disciple of Death,

The gentle & yielding is the disciple of Life.

An army without flexibility will never win battles,

A tree that is unbending will be easily broken.

The hard & strong will fall,

The soft & yielding will overcome.

The mind of the perfect man is like a mirror,

It grasps nothing. It expects nothing. It reflects everything

Thus the perfect man can act without effort.

This effortless effort is what we call JEET KUNE DO !'


JEET KUNE DO, An Art of Living

is a common sense approach to Life.


It will cahnge YOU, your ATTITUDE to Life, Your Response to the PROBLEMS of Life & Help you to lead a FULFILLED EXISTENCE




Jeet Kune Do  Ideology   

Mumbai Chapter  Tel: 9820496752    or  9969022229

JKD Ideology is aimed at

propagation of Jeet Kune Do [JKD] in India.

JKD is a Martial Art founded by the legendary Bruc Lee


Despite his small size, (5feet 7 inch & 57 kgs) Lee proved that in fighting, SIZE is not everything & by scientific technic, one can knock down a heavier, taller & aggressive man. His revolutionary principles of fighting & deeply philosophical approach form the basis of the world famous JKD. JKD ideology is based on JKD Principles & Sun Tzus Art of War. Our aim is to bring the JKD Ideology to India



So What is this Jeet Kune Do ?


Jeet Kune Do  Ideology is a contact Martial Art aimed at TOTAL DEVELOPMENT - Martial, Physical, Mental & Spiritual. To shape the Body, free the Mind, develop Mental faculties, (Self esteem & Confidence) cultivate a Fighting Philosophy & find a Deeper Meaning in today’s fast paced material world, along with Training to Fight forms the core of JKD training.

The age, gender & personality does not matter. Young & Old, Male or female, JKD is meant for all who are open.  'Its the size of your heart that counts', Mike Tyson once said. JKD is taught in very small groups & training is personalized to individuals needs. It is a 'Hands On' training, where everything learnt is translated into fighting & eventually into Life!.

Fighting is taught systematically in all Ranges - Weapon Arts (Stick, Staff, Dagger), Kicking (as in Taekwondo, Karate), Punching (As in Boxing, Wing Chun Kung Fu), Knee Elbow Arts (Filipino Kali & Muay Thaiboxing), Wrestling (Filipino Arts & Judo) & Ground fighting (Matwork).

You progress from Weakness to Strength, Laxity to Discipline,& learn to find a 'Balance' in Life. The Chinese adage ‘Be Soft, yet not yielding, Be Firm, yet not hard’ emphasizes balance.

Remember, "You need to gain Self Confidence & attain more Self Respect by being able to defend gainst the unknown & untimely foe in the violent world that we live in" --- RS Bustillo. "One must learn to defend himself, his family & his ideals... Or hire yourself a bodyguard and lead a less aggressive Life!" --- Lee

Summarizing, with the words of Bruce Leee - "Fighting transforms your Life. You experience Natures simple way. You experience a Life you never had before

 Call Dr. Komal  9820496752   or  99690 22229   Mumbai 

Flexible Timings & Weekend Options

Richar d Bustillo, The Iron Dragon
JKDI 's Major Inspiration & Guiding Factor

for more on  'JKD Philosophy'
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Prof. Dr. Rao



To Join us & be part of our Warrior fraternity.
Call Dr. Komal  98204 96752  or 99690 22229 Mumbai Chapter
  • HQ - ANDHERI (W)
  • THANE (Ghodbunder Road)
Flexi Timings & Weekend Options


If you want to take up a new recreation,

Rejuvenate  Body & Mind,

If you have always wanted to Learn to fight,

Kick, Box, Wrestle & get Tough

Look Younger, Get Fitter & Find a meaning to Life,

Then Jeet Kune Do is just for you!





JKD is not an art founded on technique or doctrine. JKD is one of the ways thru which life opens its secrets to us. JKD is a beginning towards knowing your innermost self. JKD achieves the spiritual via the physical. JKD is to be free,  to be just as you are.




Sifu Richard Bustillo, Respected JKD Authority, LA, USA- On our Backyard Class 



'Dr. Rao, I understand what you do and I commend you for teaching martial arts in your backyard and defensive tactics training to the armed forces.  You and Seema have attained mastery of an art and it is revealed in your and her every action. You are a chosen few who have a special skill.  Many of the best came from teaching in the backyard.'


Industrialist Diwan Rahul Nanda,Chairman Topsgrup India,Private Student of Dr Rao


'Dr Rao, You are the best! JKD is the best!! You dont know what you mean to your disciples... You are a great guy...I wish God had made more guys like you...the BEST IN THE WORLD. 


After my father, it is you who has given me a new lease of Life. You are my Lee, my ultimate Guru - the only man who has made a difference in my Life! Thanks for believing in me. Love you tons! '


Sachin Gaitonde, Marine Engineer, Canada, Private student of Dr. Rao


‘Sir, You are the only person in my life who taught me JKD along with the way to live life with values...I am standing today based on the values I have leant from you...No one i repeat no one can even come close to you...I have gone thru hell in life in the past 5 yrs…the only reason i am still fighting is becos of my JKD. I am waiting to return back to India, so that I can train with you & learn more from u!’ 


Dr. Komal SV, Physician, Backyard Class student 


‘I am very lucky to have a Teacher like u to guide me on my journey in Life as well as in the Martial arts. JKD has made me aware of my life’s precious moments and has taught me to live more fully. Thank u teacher for helping me to find my JKD.’


Dr. Sheetal Maniar, Physiotherapist, Backyard Class student 


‘Learning JKD has made me walk the effective Way in Life, and it has given me everything I had ever desired. The principles of Simplicity, Directness, Effectivity & Open mindedness have made a huge difference in my Life. I never knew fighting could change my perspectives about Life & make me a happier individual!


Nikkitin Dheer, Actor


‘I just wanted to thank you for showing me my way, my JKD. JKD has made me more confident and more relaxed than ever. Thanks Sir, for accepting me as a student, Love you Sir! Thanks to you I have become so much better at the work place. JKD has truly been amazing for me and I being greedy !!, am Hoping to keep learning more from you.Sir, You are my JKD!


Vishal Sinha, Taekwondo Black Belt Instructor


I have put in about 16 years of training in Martial arts. I am truly blessed to get a great teacher -Dr. Deepak Rao who showed me the JKD way! He is the one who helped me in transforming from a sports martial artist to a True Martial artist 


Abhay Deol, Film Actor


‘Dr. Rao has a very pleasant charming personality & it is very inspirational to see him perform the Martial arts! His gentle assertive nature makes you take a serious approach & achieve.


I have not seen this form of Martial Art being taught anywhere else in the India. It is very exciting to have taken up JKD & my mind is filled with great ambitions about mastering this art of fighting. 


Angad (Doctoral Student, Psychology & Miss Tara (Post graduate Student, Psychology)


‘Thank You Sir, You are the greatest Teacher  we have got, to work on our bodies & our minds !


Ritesh, Creative Artist 


When I came face to face with myself & I didnt like what I saw. I was broken, disillusioned & lost. But with Prof. Rao 's JKD Ideology class, I discovered a brand new life ahead of me & so my journey with Jeet Kune Do began, to work with the system & yet not be confied to it.


JKD has brought the spring back into my step, my mind works with less effort & is more efficeient. Spiritually, JKD has given me the greatest gift I could ask for, 'To be here & now' & to face life on its terms. JKD helps me to use the energy of the surroundings &not obstruct the flow of energy.









The JKD Ideology is a program developed by the Unarmed Commando Combat Academy to help each individual find his Way in Combat, both inside and outside the ring!
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Mumbai Centers in
Opera House (South Mumbai), Andheri (W) & Kandivilli (E)
We also welcome
Students outside Mumbai & Overseas Students
We conduct
Workshops & seminars for Martial Art Schools
We offer
Flexible Timings & Weekend Training Options
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For Outstation Instructor Programs, Outstation Students & Affiliation InstructorPrograms, Call 9820496752 /  9969022229


A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ...  - Confucius
Begin your Journey today!
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Special features of JKD training at UCCA


# JKD Ideology Training is imparted at mutually convenient timings and locations by prior appointment.

# Entry is by careful scrutiny & selection to exclude low socio economic, uneducated, anti social elements & those with criminal records.

# One to two hour sessions are planned, depending on the current level of expertise. Training 6 am to 8 pm, Weekdays as well as Weekends batches. 

# Total Course duration is 55 hours, which can be completed at your own pace & leisure.

# For Enrollment, Give us a call, schedule an appointment & meet with us, so as to understand our offered modules & to let us understand ur needs.


# Training includes:


1. Technical Combat Training

2. Equipment Training.

3. Sparring (Fighting) Full contact (Seniors)

4. Weapons Training.

5. Mental Training to optimize utilization of Intellectual facilities.

6.  Cultivation of Philosophical attitudes.

7. A No Nonsense & Logical approach to Lifes problem solving

8. Spirituality via Zen, Taoism & Buddhism

9. Meditation, Positive Visualization & Hypnotic Suggestions for Controlling Fear Response.

10. Diet Principles to gain & lose weight,

11. Nutrition Study to improve Performance

12. Physical Fitness Training .

13. Weight Training for Body Shaping.

14.  Cardio Training for Stamina development.

15. Study of Human Body Anatomy & Physiology.

16. Workbooks & Home Study Projects.

17. Media Learning via Audio-Video Tapes & DVDs / CDs

18. Thesis Compilations

19. Pressure Points & Vital Target Study

20. Group Discussions, Leadership Qualities.

21. Study of Applicable Civil Laws & Police Procedures.

22. Counselling & Psychotherapy for Self Esteem & Positive Self Image.

23. Applications of Jeet Kune Do to Anything & Everything

24. Street Combat

25. Many Newer Subjects are added time to time.


(Where every thought is followed by its appropiate action, without the doubting mind)

Bottom Note:


The Philosophy of Jeet Kune Do Ideology, Mumbai



 The Jeet Kune Do Ideology Mumbai is inspired by fighting principles of the legendary Lee & Sun Tzus art of War.


This Jeet Kune Do ideology will help the Mumbai based martial Arts seeker and practitioner to find his destination. The destination can vary from physical prowess in the ring to combat & martial art skills to mental balance and eventually to spiritual development.


Jeet Kune Do is a journey and represents each mans search for truth both in the Martial arts and in life.  Lee has said that  via Jeet Kune Do Life opens its avenues to us.


Lee  founded Jeet Kune Do, but wished he did not have a name for it. Lee  fans and martial arts enthusiasts all over the world have elevated the word Jeet Kune Do to its present spectacular status.


The martial arts seekers and Lee fans in Mumbai can avail of these benefits from the Jeet Kune Do Ideology.


Those outside Mumbai, in and around India can also approach us for guidance in their Jeet Kune Do journey. If you are prepared to travel to Mumbai, we will help you with your martial arts evolution. 

Knowing is not enough, We must apply.
Willing is not enough, We must do.
 - Lee

Dr Seema Rao